Auto Insurance

Just got a vehicle? Are you worried about the possible financial implications of it getting involved in accidents of any sort? It is okay! That is why we have auto insurance.

More formally, auto insurance (also known as vehicle insurance) is a risk management technique against loss a vehicle owner may incur in case of physical or property damages as a result of collision. Auto insurance is deemed so necessary that some liability insurance level is required to be carried by every motor vehicle owner in most states in the United States.

Here is how it works. The insured pays to the insurer a fee called the premium, the amount of which depends on vehicle type, covered drivers’ age, gender and driving history. The primary driving and storage location of the vehicle are also included. A card called the insurance card (or an electronic version if acceptable in one’s state) is then issued by the insurer. This card is to serve as proof of insurance in case of a collision which prompts the insured to “call for the insurer’s help”.

Auto insurance can be secured through authorized insurance agents or insurance brokers.

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